High Cleaning

The McFarran Corporation is the experts in high cleaning and ceiling cleaning projects that exceed the capabilities of the typical housekeeping crews. We are specialists at getting to those hard-to-reach areas such as pipes, beams of shopping centers and rafter of school gyms, fitness centers, manufacturing and industrial plants. Our unique method of high cleaning captures dust at the source without falling on the ground.

Dust inhalation is a health hazard and commercial spaces have a duty of care to manage their dust build up. Particularly in the shopping centers, warehousing, manufacturing and food and beverage sector. High cleaning is the process used to describe the process of accessing hard to reach areas in an open ceiling to remove dirt build up or grime or even the ceiling of a business or food establishment. Facility managers and regulatory agencies have recently increased their focus on indoor air quality in workplaces.

Dust settles in some of the most hard-to-reach places, especially when it comes to large buildings and warehouses. To remove unwanted dust and cobwebs, high cleaning professional attachments can reach any difficult access place by use of extendable dusters and other unique access equipment.

We offer high cleaning and ceiling cleaning services shopping centers, supermarkets, hospitals, office spaces, retail, hotels, schools, sport and leisure, entertainment, warehousing, manufacturing and food and beverage establishments. Call the McFarran Corporation for all of your high cleaning needs.