Mission Statement

McFarran Corporation is a family operated company passionate about honoring God first and bringing an honest approach to our customers and employees alike in all of our work efforts. Excellence in facility maintenance solutions is the outcome of a caring and devoted family company!

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Message From CEO

At age five while riding on my fathers floor scrubber I caught his work ethic immediately. I began to notice my father operate in business and adapted his relational principles to this day, since then I have always been associated with facility maintenance. I’ve worked closely with my father, Richard McFarran, to begin and grow a second generation family-owned facility maintenance business. I am proud to lead McFarran Corporation as CEO, and I am committed to operating the company under the principles that started over 40 years ago. As you spend time on our website, I hope you find it valuable and informative.  Our vision is simple: being honest, leading with integrity and demanding an excellent outcome. As you get to know us, you will find:

  1. We live for the Golden Rule, do unto others as you have them do to you. A customer should expect the best from us!
  2. We respond to our customers needs and requests quickly so we help relieve any possible stress that could hinder our customers work priorities.
  3. We always seek new processes and innovation for our business to keep a cutting edge program for our customers’ benefit.
  4. We operate personally with our customers’ best interests in mind, building lasting relationships.
  5. We care about our associates: occupationally, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  6. We recognize that everyone is created with certain strengths so we constantly offer new opportunities that may help bring out the best in our associates.
  7. We reward and recognize our associates for great performance.

I consider it a blessing to my family to offer opportunities for wonderful people that can grow and devote to being a blessing to others. It is truly a life dream to see others succeed and use their God given abilities to offer the best in service to our customers.
To our customers, thank you for choosing McFarran Corporation as your partner in facility maintenance solutions.
To our future customers, I look forward to meeting you and to the opportunity to add value to your business.

Thank you,
Jason S. McFarran

Our Team

As a family operated company, the integrity upon which our company was founded is also reflected in our team. We absolutely believe our associates are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to building a team of devoted people by recruiting and hiring the most caring, service-focused individuals to take care of our customers.

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